Custom Metal Wall Art: Alfa Powder Coating Ltd

Our friends at Alfa Powder Coating wanted a sign made of their logo to display outside their unit. However, other sign manufacturers require specialised files to laser cut their logo from - files that most people don’t have access to. 

Thankfully, we have an in-house drawing facility which allows us to take your logos, designs, and ideas and convert them into CAD files suitable for laser cutting. Let’s take a look at the process of this job. 

First, we begin by deconstructing the logo supplied by Alfa into sections and layers. We laser cut our metal wall art from sheet metal and it’s important that each, individual element of the logo is its own ‘piece’ when cutting.

Custom Logo Metal Wall Art

Once we have successfully separated the part of the logo, we can put it through our manufacturing process. We start by sending files to a Fibre Laser, which will cut the parts from 3mm thick, Mild Steel sheet. Then, the parts are polished up and deburred to ensure that all ‘splatter’ is removed. This process will also lightly grain the parts which makes it easier for the powder to stick when powder coating. 

Lastly, powder coating. Thankfully, Alfa has a little experience in this field. They brought the project home with a flawless finish! You can see the results below.

Custom Metal Wall Art
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