3 Creative Ways to Arrange Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art adds a touch of sophistication, elegance, and personality to any space, but knowing how to arrange it effectively can truly make a difference in your home decor. Whether you're decorating a living room, bedroom, hallway, or even an outdoor patio, the placement of your metal art pieces can significantly impact the overall ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the room. Here are three creative ways to arrange metal wall art in your home to maximize its visual impact and create a stunning focal point.

Wall Collages:

Create a captivating collage by grouping multiple pieces of metal wall art together in a unique arrangement. Mix and match different sizes and designs to add further depth to those beige walls. Begin by laying your arrangement out on the floor or large table to get an idea of the layout; perhaps you’re after a formal, symmetrical collage, or you may opt for an asymmetrical and dynamic arrangement.


Metal Wall Art Statement Piece


Statement Piece:

Make a bold statement by placing a large piece of metal wall art centrally above a sofa, bed, or fireplace mantel. This creates a powerful focal point that captivates your guests and anchors the room. Choose a piece that complements the scale and style of the furniture below, and ensure that it is hung at eye level for maximum impact.


Outdoor Display:

Extend your living space outdoors by incorporating metal wall art into the garden or patio decor. All our products are built-to-last and offer a powder coated finish, meaning they’re protected against the elements. Hang on your exterior walls or fences to create an outdoor gallery that complements your landscape and adds a sense of style to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Metal Wall Art

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