About us

Who are Metal Signs?

Metal Signs is a metal wall art company founded by two friends who share a passion for creating unique and beautiful pieces of art. Our company was established with the aim of providing high-quality metal wall art that is unique, durable, and visually stunning.

Who are we?

We started our journey over 10 years ago, as friends. We both had a passion for design and creativity. In recent years, we both wanted to find a unique way of livening up the décor in our flats.

After searching, for what felt like months, everything we found was common, dull, mass produced and poorly made. We wanted something different, something bold - that's when we stumbled across metal wall art.

We wanted to create the highest quality and most unique metal wall art available - we think we've succeeded (we're bias though).

Hanging Metal Wall Art

Why Metal Wall Art?

Our metal wall art offers an alternative to conventional picture frames and wall stickers. It provides a unique opportunity to enrich your living space and unleash your creativity.

With its integrated hanging solution, our metal wall art suspends approximately 2cm from the wall, producing a captivating hovering effect and casting a subtle drop shadow.