Kitchen and Lounge: Custom Design

Kitchen and Lounge: Custom Design

It's no secret that we love custom projects. A wonderful customer of ours reached out and asked if we could make a 'Kitchen' and 'Lounge' sign for her home, and we accepted - without hesitation!

Our customer was kind enough to send over a reference image, so we had a good idea of the font we were looking to work around. With this in mind, we began compiling a few calligraphy designs that best resembled the reference image.  

Then, we had to edit the chosen font (#1) to ensure it was suitable for laser cutting. Due to the amount of heat produced by a fibre laser, it's important that the lettering is thick enough so that it'll not burn away, but thin enough to keep the authenticity of the font. 

Once cut, the signs were whisked off to our powder coaters for a sleek black finish, and then shipped off to our customer. I'm glad to say that she was THRILLED with the signs and shared the below photos with us. 

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