From Drawing to Display: The Process of Creating Metal Wall Art

You could be a customer of ours. You may be looking to buy metal wall art. Or, you might be a creator yourself. Regardless, you’re probably curious as to how our metal wall art is made, right? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Every piece of ours starts with a desire — a desire to achieve a certain look and feel within our own homes. We take inspiration from the rooms we are trying to add to and head over to the computer to start creating. Firstly, we look for reference images to combine with our vision. When designing our metal wall art, we have to bear in mind the laser-cutting process - which we will move on to now. 

Jungle Leaves Design Metal Wall Art

Our products are cut on a 12KW fibre laser machine, capable of slicing through metal 30mm thick, like a knife through butter! Granted, our products aren't that thick, but it does allow us to accurately cut intricate, floral designs with the confidence that a quality product will be delivered.  

Once cut, our metal wall art is sent up the road to a local powder coating company. Here the products are topped off with a marine grade, matte black finish. This ensures that our products can be hung both indoors and outdoors.

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